Micro Credit Fund “Sarvati Vakhsh” is a non-profit organization that was established in 2006. The Fund was established with the support of the United Nations Development Program, where 17 jamoat supporting centers were the founders. In translation from the Tajik language, “Sarvati Vakhsh” means “wealth”, “treasure”, “abundance”, which fully characterizes the philosophy of our activities. The development strategy of our organization is aimed to long-term perspective and the main priority for us is maximum protection of our clients’ interests and prosperity of their business.

Since the first days of activity our organization has become a member of the Association of Microfinance Organizations of Tajikistan. The main priorities of the fund are expansion of the presence not only in  Khatlon region also at the Regions of the Republic Subordination. The Fund today provides micro-credit services in 12 districts of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Fund’s clients are more than 1,300 people and the total amount of financial resources provided is 6.8 million somoni. Since Tajikistan is an agrarian country and the region of our customer’s activity is a rural area, the most popular loan product of the fund is agricultural loan.

Accumulated work experience, qualified personnel, customer confidence – all this creates good prerequisites for further progress. The Fund does not stop on its development, we constantly improve the quality of customer service.

Thus, we: take measures to strengthen the fund’s position in the market of microfinance services, reduce risks in the process of operations, optimize management, raise profitability, help introduce new economic models, financial and personnel management systems, respond quickly to market needs, and level of customer service.