“I am Gulmirzoev Olimjon, resident of Vose district. In past, I was in labor migration at Russian Federation. After returning from Russia, by advice of my parents I decided to open the small auto service, for that I rented a small room, renovated and for the purchase of equipment didn’t have any money left. Then I saw the announcement of  MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” for loan products and applied for it. The employees of the organization thoroughly analyzed my idea and jointly we prepared a small plan. I received 4000 somoni at a privileged % rate for a period of 2 years. Today my car service is developing, customers are waiting in line, and I’m thinking about new loan and expanding the business. The organization gave me the opportunity to realize my idea and become self-employed”.

“I am Fayziddinov Nasriddin, have been living in the Temurmalik district for the past 30 years. Over 8 years I worked in Russian Federation in various spheres: in construction – as a ordinary worker and in stores- as a seller. After I returned home, I opened a business as combined grocery store and a stationary staff, where I used my experience. To realize this idea I was supported by MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” through a loan of 6000 somoni. I am very grateful to this organization, now I have regular customers and stable income which allows me to improve home conditions. Now I’m thinking about getting a new loan for breeding cows”.


“I am Abduloev Fathidin, live in the Temurmalik district. In the past I worked in the farm. Six years ago I decided to do livestock breeding and at that time had 3 cows. In 2014, through the loan of the MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” in the amount of 6000 somoni, I bought another 3 cows at 12% per annum. Today I have 30 cows”.




 “I am Sultonov Kholmurod Khushvahtovich  and since 2016 I am a client of MCF” Sarvati Vakhsh”. In the past I studied at the Medical Institute, at the Faculty of Dentistry. At the end of 2016 I received a loan at MCF “Saratov Vakhsh” for the amount of 6,000 somoni and also I used my savings to open a small dentistry in our district. I am respected for the fact that I am treating people and I have a lot of work, clients are registered for 3 days in advance. I am very grateful to organization for the opportunity to do my favorite job and work in my country”.


 “I am Safarova Rupiyamo, live in the Temurmalik district. In the past I worked as a cleaner. In 2017 I decided to do business and I opened a trading point in our area. Mostly I trade men’s and women’s shoes and different clothes, and also I make tailoring of women’s dresses. To expand my activities, I applied to the MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” for a loan of 4000 somoni. My application was approved and today I have expanded the range of products and accordingly my customers increased, and I have more orders for tailoring. I am very grateful to MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” and I am going to apply for additional loan for further expansion of activities and hiring of 2 employees”.


 “I am Sokina Merganova. In the past I traded staff at home. After a while I decided to open a trading point. Having heard about the available services and good attitude of the employees, I applied to MCF “Saratov Vakhsh” for a loan amounting to 6000 somoni. Employees of the organization carried out a financial analysis of my activities in detail and approved my application. I rented a place and organized a grocery store. Gradually, customers get more and more and my business is developing now. I am grateful to MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” for their trust and support”.