Client protection principles

We make significant efforts to build long-term partnerships with customers based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. For this purpose our organization supports the 7 Client Protection Principles initiated by the Smart Campaign, and pursues a policy of strengthening these principles in our organization.

In August of 2016 MCF “Sarvati Vakhsh” passed the Client protection Certification, conducted with the support of UNDP. In order to qualify for certification, MFIs must fully comply with all 95 Smart Campaign indicators, the compliance of which ensures that the MFI fulfills all 7 client protection principles and integrates them into daily practice.


1.Apprtopriate product design and delivery

The loans are made available, simply to understand the terms and procedures for obtaining / repaying the loan. Customers are given time to think about decision of getting a loan. The company’s credit products are developed taking into account the demand of customers, on the basis of constant feedback.

2. Prevention of over-indebtedness

Loans are given to customers with an explanation of how to assess their solvency (the ability to repay monthly payments on a loan), and through a preliminary credit analysis (checking credit history through the Credit Bureau).


The prices, terms and conditions of loans (including interest rates, all commission fees and other expenses on the loan) are brought to the client in an understandable form before the loan is disbursed. Information on products is available and transparent, provided through various tools (promotional materials, information stands, as well as orally).

4.Responsible pricing

Loan pricing is set in such way that loans are affordable to customers and at the same time the financial sustainability of Fund is ensured.

5.Fair and respectful treatment of clients

Fund staff is trained, motivated and respects high ethical standards in dealing with clients. Clients are notified of their rights.

6.Privacy and client data

Protection of the client’s personal data is provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; Data cannot be used for other purposes without obtaining consent from the client.

7.Mechanisms for compliant resolution

The company has mechanisms for timely consideration of complaints and responses to them, as well as mechanisms for resolving issues arising by the borrowers. There are various communication channels for filing complaints: written, oral – they are all available to clients.