Loan product “Greenhouse, cool storage and processing agriculture products”


  Size of loan:    from 1000 to 100 000 somoni
  Term of loan:    up to 24 month
  Pledge:   Property, gold products, production equipment
  Interest rate:


  18% per annum

1% from total loan amount

  Grace period:   up to 4 month
   Application consideration term:   up to 3 working days


List of necessary documents to receive a loan: 

  • Completed loan application;
  • Passport of the borrower with the TIN stamp;
  • Passport of the guarantor with the TIN stamp (if required);
  • Certificate of residence of the client and the guarantor;
  • Statement of wages, (covering 6 months) of the client and the guarantor;
  • Provision of collateral (for loans more than 5 thousand somoni);
  • Client’s patent or certificate (for loans for trade, production and services);
  • Land lease agreement if the land is leased (for agrocredit);
  • Certificate of land used by the client (for agrocredit).